photos showing our table's versatility
as used by youngsters...
picture of two toddlers playing indoors at out kids table picture of our white table holding a play palace inside a childs playroom picture of Paige holding a pretend tea party outdoors at our kids table picture of a child playing on her table outdoors
...and then by everyone else
picture of Courtney with Bobby and Jack, using our kids table at a picnic picture of Bill and Courtney using our kids table for dinner at an outdoor music festival in Chicago picture of Courtney playing checkers on our kids table picture of Courtney and Judy carring our Gofer table across a park lawn

Today's family is mobile and active. Sometimes a table will help:
•kids play
•board games
•bed tray
•paperwork in bed
•outdoor concerts
Compact and easy to carry, our kids table folds to just 1". And has a durable, melamine top that's a breeze to clean.
So enjoy wherever, whoever you are!

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