a memorable part of a child's life, this "very own chair" is a toddler's to use whereever he or she pleases
30 years ago when testing this chair for the first time, a mother told us, "... it will be a great way to help round out my son's emerging self-identity...it's a truly worthwhile product to teach how to manage things all by himself."
To borrow a common metaphor, this lady hit it out of the park. The dynamic-relationship of toddlers to "their very own chairs" has created fun and fostered memories for over a million children ever since read customer testimonials, see for yourself
our kids director chair is our signature product that launched Hoohobbers over 30 years ago
our kids director chair is a most convenient -and attractive- booster seat for home, restaurants and theaters
seat may be hand washed; keep it on frame, and air dry
age: 1 1/2 - 4
size open: 10"H X 10"D X 12"W
size folded: 15"H X 10"D X 5"W